indoor Gymnasium & Sports Room

A mammoth open space of light and air in the basement is the indoor sports room where Carrom, Chess, table tennis, Yoga classes, Taekwondo and Kick Boxing and general boisterousness is not only fostered but actively encouraged.


Students are prepared for all games and sports

Splash Pool

Tiny Tots enjoying in splash pool.

Medical Checkup

Regular Check-up by child Specialist Doctor.

Celebration Of festivals

the ‘Unity in Diversity’ concept is amply illustrated through the scores of festive occasions which lend a perpetual festive atmosphere to the school.

Annual Function

Each child has his/her moment of glory in the spotlight when he experiences the inimitable surge of stage confidence and universal applause for his/her efforts and talents.


Activities such as Drawing, Painting, Flower Making, Clay Moulding, Rakhi Making and use of waste material are taught to children. 
There is a craft room for children where student learn to make different things in artistic way. 
The school provides the facilities for children,who are interested in Singing, Dancing, Drama, Gidha, Bhangra etc. Various school functions are organised from time to time. 
The school also provides Yoga, Aerobics, Karate, Skating classes for students. 
Big playground Splash pool, Sandpit and modern rides for tiny tots. 
The kids can play with water and rides in water Kingdom enjoying themselves in swimming pool. 
They can have complete relaxation from the day's study.

Sports and Tour

The school gives special attention to encourage the children to take active part in games&sports from the very beginning class for their physical and mental development and to inculcate the habit of social get together among them.The school takes keen interest in arranging indoor and out door activities.The school also manages picnics and Tour programmers for all round development of children.There is a big playground in the school and school provides facilities for the games as Football,Badminton, Volleyball.Basket ball,Cricket etc.

Compulsory Moral & Religious Education

These days it is seen that children are getting deprived from moral values and religious Education bit the school provides proper education about all the religions.School has given attention to MORAL &RELIGIOUS Education and has made it compulsory for all the children so that they should be aware of their own religion.


The smart classroom concept adds a glorious dimension to classroom learning. Educomp provides a conducive environment for ample interaction, dialogue and discourse in the classroom which makes the learning multi dimensional, engrossing and illustrative. Powered by the vast resources of Educomp and the internet, the trained faculty and enthusiastic students daily sojourn to new plateaus of learning and sharing of knowledge. The spirit of enquiry is encouraged and concepts are clarified right in the initial stages so as to build strong bulwark for the knowledge superstructure.